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 Power Experience
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Meet Tiffany B!
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Walking into 2019, (I) Tiffany B. decided my power word for the year would be INTENTIONAL. This came about after becoming a new mom at the end of 2017 and finding life to be extremely different from what I once knew it to be. I found myself no longer feeling grounded and looking for a way to “take back control” of my life. 

Making the decision to do life on purpose and be more intentional took on a new meaning and gave me a different perspective on how I was approaching my life. I no longer wanted to live life on autopilot. I needed Jesus to take the wheel so that I could show up differently, and that is exactly what happened.

Showing up for me in a more intentional way has transformed how I live my life. Living Intentionally with Tiffany B. would not be in existence if I did not take purposeful action steps. The doors that continue to open for me, the relationships that continue to blossom, and the community being cultivated all have come about from the decision to be intentional. 

As I continue to become more intentional with myself-mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and more- I become more intentional as a partner in marriage, in motherhood, in friendship, and even how I show up within my business. Intentionality continues to pour over different areas of my life making it more fulfilling.


Living intentionally isn’t just a phrase, it is a lifestyle. 

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Empowering women to stop living on autopilot and start living intentionally.

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About The Experience

The Intentional Woman Power Experience is a faith-based live-virtual workshop series that will empower you to stop living on autopilot and start living intentionally. The first step to Living Intentionally is making the decision that you want to show up differently and then taking action. When small steps in the right direction are met with a positive mindset shift, real transformation occurs.


Join Certified Life Coach Tiffany B. for 90-mins of workshop-style coaching and curriculum-based teaching around the beginning or reigniting your journey of Living Intentionally! The Virtual Series is a 3-month, intimate coaching & women’s empowerment program. The series is for like-minded women who are looking to jumpstart or accelerate the intentionality they are currently practicing in their life.

Benefits of Joining the Tribe

Community of Like-Minded Women

Within this safe space, you will receive insights, advice and support.


& Support

We grow when we feel empowered and strengthen - we advocate for you.

Positive Mindset Transformations

Our goal is for you to understand what Living Intentionally truly means.

Celebration of Wins

Every acheivement is acknowledged and celebrated with one another.

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The connection, safe space & community with Like-Minded Women

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Empowering conversations about Living Intentionally and a celebration of wins 

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A complete Positive Mindset Transformation

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Continuous encouragement, genuine support, and relevation of how to show up for yourself intentionally

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“It was life-changing. I’ve never done anything like this but I love what you stand for so I was so excited to jump in and get the most from it. I’m so glad I did.”

What I Do Specifically 

I empower motivated women of color and of faith to stop living life on autopilot and make the conscious decision to start living intentionally through supported mindset shifts that build confidence while dismantling limiting beliefs allowing them to boss up and live life on purpose!

What To Expect

Coaching around who, what, when, where, why, and how to Live Intentionally!

Curriculum based teaching on how to show up as the Intentional Woman that you are!

A full support team within a safe space who will vow to show up for you!

A community of like-minded women intentionally vibrating higher every day!